HomeWork at FAFU ︱What Can We Offer?

As a member of our foreign teacher’s family you will be provided with:
   •A monthly salary of 4000RMB—6000RMB
   A furnished two-bedroom apartment with a bathroom and a kitchen and  
    necessary living facilities (including TV set, telephone, air conditioner, 
    refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, a water heater and essential 
    cooking appliance etc.) for free`
   A monthly compensation of 350 RMB for the fee of telephone, water, and 
   Part reimbursement of the cost for healthcare visits at FAFU’s infirmary
   A health insurance while working at FAFU
   A round trip economy class air ticket from China to the home country after 
    fulfilling a full year contract
   The salary and economic benefits of our foreign academic faculty will be 
    otherwise provided based on detailed negotiation. 


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