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In 1985, the food process major in the Department of Horticulture and the Department of Food Engineering were merged becoming the College of Food Science.

The College includes three departments:
    Department of Food Science,

Department of Food Engineering,

Department of Nutrition and Food Safety.

It has three research centers:

National Research & Development Center For vegetable Processing,

Fujian Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Marine Biological Resources ComprehensiveProcessing and Safety Risk Assessment.

Fujian Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Agricultural Process.

It also has four laboratories:

Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Special Starch Quality Science and Processing Technology,

Central and Local Building Laboratory of Food Quality and Safety,

Central and Local Building Laboratory of Mintai Agricultural Products Processing and Storage,

Central and Local Building Laboratory of Food Safety Detection and Risk Assessment.

At present under the Chinese university system of grading and terminology, the College is authorized to offer a Doctoral Degree of First-grade Discipline in Food Science and Engineering, 4 Doctoral Degrees of Second-grade Discipline, and 5 Masters Degrees, and 3 Bachelor Degrees.

The College has established an integrated education system for undergraduate education, and graduate education, focusing on:

The storage, transportation and preservation of fruits and vegetables,

Processing theory and technology applicable to, fruits, vegetables, cereals, oils livestock and aquatic products and other foodstuffs,

Food processing techniques and equipment,
Development of functional and new food resources,

The theoretical study, inspection technology, and safety evaluation of genetically modified foods,

Food microbiology, fermentation engineering and bio-reactor technology.

The current total enrollment stands at about 1000 undergraduates and about 270 graduates including 20 Doctoral candidates. In addition, there are 100 graduates in professional degrees (engineering and agricultural extension) in the College.

Academically we have cooperative associations with, University of Alberta, Cornell University, University of North Dakota, GuelphFood Research Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture of Canada, Teagasc Food Research Centre of Ireland,Food Industry Research And Development Institute of Taiwan, Institute of Food Science and Technology of National Taiwan University.


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