How to apply for attending the TPF

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  Guide for Attending the TPF Fair
1、Date & Venue
Date:  June 18th –20th ,2010
Venue:Fuzhou Straits Covention & Exhibition Center, Fujian,China

2、Technological innovations to be collected from overseas by the Organizing Committee of TPF
①Electronics & information: Next-generation networking; Flat-panel displayer; Advanced mobile communication; Digital audio-video; New-type electric components; Automobile electronics; Integrated circuit; Semi-conductor lighting & LED;  Application software and Animation cartoon.
②Biology and mecdicine: Biological agents and enzyme products; Biotechnology breeding; Biological pesticides; Pharmaceutical preparations of through genetic engineering; Biological vaccine; Diagnostic reagent; New drugs of synthetic chemistry; Anti-microbial agents;Bio-chemical drugs;Modern Chinese medicines;New-type medical appliances.
③New materials: Optoelectronic information materials; Nanomaterials; New-type high polymer materials; Composite materials and Special-function materials.
④Modern agriculture:New species;New technology;New fertilizer;New pesticides and New implements.
⑤Mechanical equipments:New-type construction machinery; Transport machinery; Environmental protection machinery; Textile machinery; Footware process equipments; Process equipments of constrcution materials and Electric equipment.
⑥In-depth process of agricultural produce: deep refined process of tea, edible fungi, fruits and aquatic produce; High-end chemical process of forest products.
⑦Energy conservation,Emission reduction and Comprehensive utilization of resource: Energy conservation of smelting, calcining, petro-chemical, construction and building industry; Treating and disposing of urban sewage and household wastes; Treating and disposing of industrial poison gas,waste water or solid waste; Harmlessness treatment of pollution from livestock and poultry farming; Restoration of polluted water body in river basin;Pollution control of fertilizers and chemical pesticides; Water conservation;Clean production;Recycle and re-utility of industrial solid waste and waste water; Combined heat and power generation by recycling waste from livestock and poultry farming

3、Technological demands of enterprises presented by the Organizing Committee of TPF
TPF is collecting technological demands from enterprises in Fujian. Meanwhile it is seeking to overseas colleges, universities, scientific research institutions, social bodies and experts for offering technological services and solving technological difficulties put up by enterprises. All the collected technological demands from enterprises have been posted on the website of the fair: Those who are intended to solve technological difficulties can log onto the website for more details.

4、Participating procedures
(1)Please fill in the annexed “The Form of Technological Innovation Collected for China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair”(each technological innovation to be contained in one form)or “The Form of Matchmaking with Enterprise’s Technological Demand for China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair”, and send it by E-mail to us: ,or by fax : +86-591-87833900 on/before May 10,2010. If there are technological innovation samples or products available, please send to us the photos(each photo around 5-million-pixel size)of these samples or products together with the Form. To download the above two forms, please log into our website
(2)On receipt of the information of the technological innovations or solutions of enterprises’ technological demands, we shall set to introduce and demonstrate them to enterprises and investment institutions in Fujian province well before the opening of the fair or during the session, so as to promote and realize the matchmaking between investors and technological innovations owners. We shall keep technological innovations owners informed of any development in matchmaking programs.
(3)For those overseas institutions or individual experts who are interested in coming to Fuzhou China to attend the 7th TPF of 2010, please send us by E-mail his/her resume together with “The Technological innovationForm of China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair” or “The Form of Matchmaking with Enterprise’s Technological Demand for China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair” to: . After checking information received and according to the matchmaking situation of his/her technological innovations, we shall choose and invite some overseas experts to come to Fuzhou to attend the 6th TPF for on-the-spot business talking with enterprises in Fujian on June 17 to 20,2010.
Annex 1:The Form of Technological Innovation Collected for 
China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair(You can log into our website to download this form)
Annex 2:
The Form of Matchmaking with Enterprise’s Technological Demand for China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair(You can log into our website to download this form)