The 14th Party Branch of FAFU Party Committee Launches Party Day Activity Themed on Why join the CPC

time: 2019-09-25   author:   clicks: 102

According to the arrangement of education campaign themed on Remaining True to the Original Aspiration and Keep the Mission Firmly in Mind, on Sept.25, 2019, members in the 14th Party Branch are organized to watch the movie The Bulge from Gutian as the Party day activity.

The Bulge from Gutian is based on historical facts happened 90 years ago.The movie presents the little-known story of the Fourth Front Army of the Red Army after its arrival in the western Fujian from the perspective of the grandson of a Red Army trumpeter. It reproduces the great and hard-won success of the revolution achieved by the young army under the leadership of those young leaders.

Watching the movie, all the members review the honorable history when the revolutionary predecessors fought against enemies and feel the difficulty of establishing the red political power. The movie helps them learn the original aspiration and mission of the older generation and recall their oath and mission when joining the CPC. Members say that they will encourage and practice the spirit of Gutian Meeting, grasping the substance so as to strengthen moral education and cultivate students. Also, they mention that in order to deepen the reform and promote the development of the teaching staff, they will stay true to their aspiration and never forget their mission.