Yu Guofeng, director of Personnel Department of Putian University and his delegation visited the University for investigation

time: 2019-12-12   author:   clicks: 119

On December 11, 2019, Yu Guofeng, director of Personnel Department of Putian University, Xiao Fangzheng, deputy director, and other members visited the university to investigate personnel work. Lin qingfan, director of human resources department, Weng Zijian, director of human resources office, and relevant department personnel attended the investigation and discussion.

At the meeting, director Lin qingfan extended a warm welcome to director Yu Guofeng and his delegation, and fully appreciated the achievements of Putian University's faculty construction and personnel system reform in recent years. Then, he briefly introduced the comprehensive reform of personnel system in our university in recent years, focusing on six major areas, such as checking and staffing, recruitment, professional title appointment, post employment, performance distribution, College Assessment, and emphatically shared the latest achievements of our university in implementing the basic task of cultivating talents by virtue and deepening the personnel system. Director Weng Zijian introduced the main methods and positive results of talent work in our university, analyzed the main problems existing in talent work, and put forward the reform ideas for talent work in the future.

Director Yu Guofeng thanked our school for its warm reception and spoke highly of the positive results achieved by our school in comprehensively deepening the reform of teachers' team construction around the implementation of the basic task of cultivating talents through morality. He hoped that in the future, the two sides would strengthen exchanges and cooperation, learn from each other's advanced experience, and jointly push personnel and personnel work to a new level.

The participants also made in-depth discussions and exchanges on the evaluation and employment of professional titles, performance distribution, school and college level management reform and other issues.