The fourteenth Party branch of the Party committee held the special democratic life meeting of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind"

time: 2019-12-10   author:   clicks: 119

According to the arrangement of the theme education activity of never forget the original mind and keep the mission in mind of the ucpc and the Party committee of the organization, on December 10, our branch held the theme democratic life meeting of never forget the original mind and keep the mission in mind in conference room 1010, Mingde building. The conference made full use of the theme education achievements, closely linked to the main line of learning and implementing Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics. It focused on the theme of never forgotten the original mind and keeping in mind the mission. According to the general requirements of general secretary Xi Jinping on four contrasting and four looking for one, he took inventory, inspected the problems, analyzed profoundly, and made clear the direction of efforts. Members of the leading group of the office attended the meeting, and members and comrades of the Party branch attended as nonvoting delegates. The meeting was presided over by Lin qingfan, Secretary of the Party branch.

At the meeting, secretary Lin qingfan briefed the preparatory work of the democratic life meeting and put forward clear requirements for criticism and self-criticism. Subsequently, he focused on the theme to take the lead in conducting self inspection and analysis, insisting on problem orientation, starting from specific matters and specific problems, according to general secretary Xi Jinping's request for four contrasting and four looking for a job, taking inventory of the harvest, real problems, and real problems. Other comrades in the group also carried out inspection and analysis, and carried out serious criticism and self-criticism.

Finally, secretary Lin qingfan made a statement on behalf of the members of the group. He asked the members of the group to take the opportunity of this special democratic life conference, reorganize their clothing and set out again, further strengthen Four Consciousness, firm four self-confidence, achieve two maintenance, conscientiously perform their duties, dare to reform and innovate, bear in mind the original mission of educating people for the party and the country, and earnestly shoulder the important task of the era of cultivating people by virtue, strengthening agriculture and rejuvenating agriculture.