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Research of Sinicization of Marxism

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Research of Sinicization of Marxism is Marxism in China's conditions, processes, results, trends for the study, efforts to reveal the Marxism of the objective laws of China, deepen people's theoretical achievements of Sinicization of Marxism and the practical results of understanding to promote contemporary Chinese new Development of Marxist theory subjects. Sinicization of Marxism, is the basic principles of Marxism with the concrete practice of China's age and development combine in order to continue to achieve a new course of development.

Research of Sinicization of Marxism task is: guide students to Marxism China into the main line to Chinese Marxism as the theme to the theory and practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, focusing closely on the Chinese Communist Party led the people learning and research new democratic revolution road with Chinese characteristics, and explore the road of socialist transformation and socialist construction carried out in the way of hard practice and theoretical summary, etc. to the scientific understanding of our collective leadership of the Party for generations continue to promote Marxism China the historical process, a deep understanding of Marxism in China rich theoretical achievements scientific connotation and essence, accurately grasp the basic experience with the basic laws of Marxism in China and Chinese Marxism evolving.


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