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The Library Held Nanmu Lotus Forum Cultural Salon • We All Have Art Talent (second event)

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    On the evening of May 8th, the library (Nanmu Lotus Forum) Cultural Salon • We All Have Art Talent (second event) was held in the forth library learning space. The theme of this salon was "spring as if in the dream", a sharing about Chinese opera. It invited Lin Te, Lin Juanyong, Chen Fei, and Zhang Linna from "Ru Lin You Xi" opera workspace to deliver the themed salon that integrates opera performance and culture sharing. More than 40 teachers and students participated in this event.

A section of "Peony Pavilion”: Sweet Dream in the Garden

    The teachers from the “Ru Lin You Xi”team innovated traditional opera performance form. They combined drama performance with the indulgent narration to “ explain the drama”, which integrates the elements of opera costumes, facial expressions, vocals, action performances, etc. Classical selections from Fujian Opera, Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Huangmei Opera and Yue Opera were performed to our teachers and students. From the "Peony Pavilion" which shows the pure and honest affection of Kunqu opera, to the "Mountain Temple in Snowy Evening" which illustrates the connotation performed by Peking Opera, till the "Daiyu's Burying Flowers" and "minor • Pan Guan" to exhibit the tactful and tender Yue Opera, the lecturers vividly showcased the characterisitcs of different operas. During the interactive session, the students at the scene put on costumes, followed the teachers to learn the greetings, salutes and other actions in the opera performances, experiencing the operas at zero distance. The applause continued throughout the sharing session.

explanation on the appearance of opera figure

    For this event, we will continue to let traditional art enter the campus, let more young people fall in love with the national quintessence, carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, and integrate with the life of college students in an innovative way. We will strive to deepen contemporary college students awareness of tradition, inheritance and development, and inherit the excellent and broad mind of our Chinese nations for the new era and the new world.

  group photo of students and teachers at the salon

(the library Chen Xiaoye/article/photo)

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