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Library Procedures for the Leaving Formalities of Class 2021 Graduates

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Dear Graduates:

Congratulations on the accomplishments of your degree studies, and best wishes for your future journey in new jobs or new universities. In order to facilitate your leaving university formalities at the library, we have worked out related items and procedures as below:

1. Online Check

Check all items you need to do via ‘University Graduate Leaving Service System’: open the homepage of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (, click ‘Service Hall’ or directly open ‘Online Affairs Service Hall’ ( to choose ‘Student Affairs’, Open the module of ‘Leaving’, then check all items required by the Library (for items with ‘to-do’ status, please complete it at related departments of the library, for items with ‘passed’ status, there is no need to do again). Please follow the procedures below to complete the leaving.

2. Leaving Procedures

2.1 Unreturned Books and Unpaid Fees

Check: log into the webpage check your status of borrowed books;

Returning Books: you can return books to the returning boxes of each library, or the self-service borrowing-returning machines at 2F,Run Run Shaw Library/2F,Qishan Campus Library/1F Hall, Anxi Campus Library

Unpaid fees: settle and pay the balance at the general service desk at 2F,Run Run Shaw Library/2F,Qishan Campus Library/1F, Anxi Campus Library with effective campus card by yourself or anyone you authorize; compensation fee at the double original price of any lost books will be charged.

2.2 Pick-Up of Personal Belongings from Lockers

If failing to open the lockers by yourself, please ask staffs at 2F General Service Desk, Run Run Shaw Library/2F, Lichangsheng Library for help. Those who could not be at the campus may contact their advisors to pick up their belonging from lockers. The belongings will only be available to be picked up with the presence of a certification with the advisor’s signature and the School’s official seal.

2.3 Submission of Degree Dissertation

Starting from this year, graduates no longer need to submit dissertation to the library. The library will copy and save dissertations directly from the Graduate School.

3. Book Check Up & Return/Unreturned Books & Unpaid Fees Consultancy Contact:

Run Run Shaw Library0591-87643686Lichangsheng Library: 0591-83789392Qishan Campus Library0591-23505691Anxi Campus Library0595-26163125

We wish all graduates of Class 2021 the successful career and bon voyage!

The Library

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

May 19, 2021

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