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Re-open the Trial use of ASM Journals

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ProductAmerican Society for Microbiology Journals


Period of trial usefrom now to Nov. 10, 2020

About ASM Journals:

The mission of the ASM Journals program is to advance the microbiological sciences by disseminating the results of fundamental and applied research. ASM journals publish high-quality research that has been rigorously peer reviewed by experts. Our academic editors are working scientists drawn from eminent institutions around the world. Known for the quality, rigor, and fairness of the review process, ASM Journals continue to provide current, influential coverage of basic and clinical microbial research.

ASM Journals publish 26% of all microbiology articles and contribute 44% of all microbiology citations*.

Articles published in the ASM journals receive international media attention and have been featured in the New York Times, Science Magazine, Los Angeles Times, CNN, National Public Radio (NPR), CNBC, and dozens of other media outlets.

ASM journals are written and reviewed by world-renowned authors and editors. The journals provide your faculty, staff, students, and researchers access to the most comprehensive, authoritative microbial sciences resources.

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