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Library Entrance Guide in Fall Semester

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1.Regions and Time of Opening

Based on the implementation of protection, control and disinfection, environmental cleaning, ventilation and many other anti-epidemic measures, the libraries at all campuses will fully resume opening for faculty and students.

In the afternoon of each Thursday, the libraries at all campuses will be closed for internal affairs. The closure on official holidays will be informed separately.

Please pay attentions to the library website, WeChat and Weibo account, and placard for updates.

2.Readers Instruction

2.1 The box and vehicle for returning books will be placed at the door of the service hall at the 2nd floor of Shaw Run Run Library and Qishan campus library. Readers who only need to return book can simply put books into the box and then just leave. The library will do sterilization as soon as possible andfinish the returning procedures.

2.2Readers should select  rational seats according to the people distribution in the library, in order to avoid gathering.

2.3Readers should be aware of implementing their own anti-epidemic measures. Please cooperate with librarians in maintaining order and building good study atmosphere in the library.

2.4If feeling uncomfortable or finding health abnormities of other readers, please inform librarians on duty for help as soon as possible with responsibilities to the health of others and yourself.

3.Digital Resource User Guide

Please find details at

Faculty and students are recommended to use the rich digital resource of our library.


Digital Technology DepartmentQQ: 3563680839 Phone: 0591-83789397

General Circulation Desk at Shaw Run Run LibraryPhone: 0591-87643686

Changsheng Library:Phone: 0591-83789392

Qishan LibraryPhone: 0591-23505691

Anxi LibraryPhone: 0595-26163125

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