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1Readers should enter the library with their own university cards. Those with disheveled clothes, vests, suspenders, and slippers (refer to shoes without uppers in heels, including sandals) will be refused for entrance.

2Maintain the order in the library, and do not seize reading seats with items.

3. Promote civilized language. Please do not make noise or read aloud in the library. Please answer phone calls outside the reading area.

4. Keep the library clean, and please do not bring food into the library, do not expectoratespit chewing gum, litter, etc.

5. Do not damage facilities and equipment in the library; without permission, please do not post or distribute advertisements and other promotional materials in the library, and do not take pictures or videos in the library.

6. Take care of books and periodicals, and do not arbitrarily deface or tear books and periodicals; collections and materials should not be taken out of the library without borrowing procedures.

7. Smoking and using open flames in the library are strictly prohibited.

8. Keep your valuables safe, use your laptop and mobile phone safely; do not enter rooms of strong and weak current of the library, and do not charge electric vehicles in the library.

9. Those who violate rules and regulations of the library and refuse to accept the staff's advice will be given a 7-60 day suspension of borrowing, or will be reported to relevant university department for processing according to regulations.


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