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Name of Library

The Main Layout

Li Changsheng Library

The Large Study Hall, Museum Of University History(1st floor)

Social Science Reading Room& Periodical   Room (2nd floor)

Natural ScienceReading Room, Taiwan Documents Hall(3rd floor)

Bound Periodical Room (4th floor)

Novelty Search Station, Foreign Documents   Reading Room, Paper Copy of Bachelor's Degree Thesis   &Reference (5th floor)

Qishan Campus 


The Study Hall, Administration Office (1st floor)

The Study Hall, Circulation Desk(2nd floor)

The Study Hall (3rd floor)

Run Run Shaw Library

Information Consultation Department, Information   retrieval classroom, Study Hall & Compact Stack (1st floor)

General Circulation Desk, Economic Books Reading   Room, Digital Reading Room & Office Area (2nd floor)

Social Science Reading Room, Newspaper Room &   Technology Office (3rd floor)

Natural ScienceReading Room I,Reference Books   Reading Room & Literature Reading Room(4th floor)

Natural ScienceReading Room II, Architecture Science   and Arts, Exhibition Hall of the 70th Anniversary of Fujian   Agriculture College (5th floor)

Library at Anxi College

of Tea Science

Security Room, Service Hall, Self-service   Borrowing & Returning (Machines) Area, Students Bookshelf of Integrity,   Study Lounge(1st Floor)

Office Area, E-reading Rooms, Reading Rooms(2nd Floor), Study Rooms, Periodical Rooms(2nd floor)

Reading Rooms(3rd floor)

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