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The library consists of five departments, namely office, acquisition and cataloguing department, circulation department, digital technology department, information consulting department (including novelty retrieval station), all the departments perform their respective duties, coordinate with each other, standardize management to ensure the normal operation of the library. The main responsibilities of those departments are as follows:


Main responsibilities of the   department

Party   Committee Office

1.Implement   the Party's lines, policies, guidelines, and directions of higher party   organizations; carry out all work arrangements from the library party   committee.

2.draw   up the work statements, planning, summaries and related documents of the   library party committee; accomplish the yearbook of the library party   committee; prepare study plans for party committee central learning team and   organize corresponding implementation. Draw up, review and handle outgoing   postings in the name of the library party committee; undertake the postings   and callings from higher party committees; handle the receiving and   dispatching, registration, reminding, circulation and reading, checking and returning,   archiving and other works of inner-party documents and confidential letters   and telegrams.

3.Organize   and arrange all kinds of meetings for party committee system according to the   decisions of the party committee; take charge of the preparation of meetings,   make record of them and draft up meeting resolutions and summary as needed.

4.Go   deep into grassroots level and carry out survey research to assess the   working situation of each branch, and obtain the ideological trends of   faculty and students according to the work arrangements and requirements of   party committee; supervise and urge the implementation of party committee's   decisions, and provide information and decision-making suggestions for   leaders.

5.   Take charge of party building; direct and check all works of each branch.   carry out theoretical education and training for party members, cadres, and   activists of party application; handle party membership fees collection,   management and usage, membership credentials receiving and transferring, party   member development assessment etc;take charge of the statistics and submission of various reports within   the party.

6.   Take charge of the administration of cadres; assist party committee to do   cadre assignment recommendations, reserve cadres training and administration   according to related regulations; accomplish the statistic reports of cadres   at all organizations.

7.   Take charge of the work of united-front, coordinate the relationship among   party committee and labor union, democratic parties, and mass organizations.

8.   Take charge of the custody and usage of party committee's seals.

9.   Take charge of the general administration, security guard, daily affairs   administration and ideological and political work of this department; carry   out ideological building and organization building of this department; set   out and earnestly implement the works and position duties of   internally-established organizations and staffs of this department.

10.   Accomplish other tasks as may be assigned by superior leaders.

Library   Office

1   Supervise and handle the implementation of decisions from the university and   the library meetings; connect and coordinate the works of competent   university teaching and research departments, and other departments in the   university;

2.   Assist the library directors to organize library-wide activities, and   coordinate each library department's operational work; take charge of the   connection of library's external operational work; assist library directors   to well handle external exchange and reception of all visits and temporary   readers.

3.   Set out and organize the implementation of related rules and regulations of   the library; assist library directors to do text processing and document   copying of related reports and summaries.

4.   Take charge of the circulation of all kinds of official documents, document   volume-filing, archives management, seals administration etc.

5.   Assist the library directors to make library-wide expenditure budget and   final settlement and rational control and usage of expenditure.

6.   Take charge of all statistical works, accurately fill in all statistic data,   keep in custody all the analysis of statistic data and make report to   superior competent department; compile and submit library yearbook to the   university office; receive, send and process letters etc.

7.   Take charge of all library-wide external propaganda and the summary,   examination and verification and release of information and submit such   information to the related university departments; take charge of the maintenance   and participate in the construction of library main web page.

8.   Take charge of the collating, coordination and feedback of reader's opinions;   receive and coordinate incoming letters and visitors.

9.   Take charge of the management of library's documentary collections and other   assets; build complete asset accounts and management regulations.

10.   Coordinate the assessment of ethics, attendance, capability, performance on   all library-wide staffs, and other personnel works.

11.   Take charge of the procurement, collection, distribution and custody of all   library-wide facilities and stationery.

12.   Take charge of the daily maintenance and repair of library's fixed assets and   library's water and electricity supply.

13.   Take charge of the security, cleaning, and related statistics work of this   department.

14.   Organize and implement security guard, fireproofing check, cleaning,   landscaping within the library etc.

15.   Accomplish other tasks as maybe assigned by the superior leaders.

Circulation   and Reading Department

1.Take   charge of the circulation and book-lending of the library’s collection of   Chinese and foreign language books.

2.Take   charge of the management of reading rooms.

3.Take   charge of the custody, reservation and statistical work of the library’s   collection of paper resource.

4.Take   charge of the acceptance check, flitting, warehousing, place-on-shelf and   cataloging newly acquired books.Take   charge of the handover, remove from shelves, book binding and collating of   serial publications, and the management of newspaper, place-on-shelf and   remove from shelves.

5.Take   charge of the united borrowing and lending in college town.

6.Handle   the leaving procedures of faculty, staffs, and graduated students.

7.Take   charge of recruiting, training and daily administration of part-time student   workers in the library.

8.Provide   consultation service to readers.

9.Handle   readers’ issues.

10.Take   charge of book allocation from the main library to other branch libraries

11.Take   charge of the work of safety officers’ of this department

12.Accomplish   other tasks as maybe assigned by superior leaders

Acquisition   and Cataloging Department

1.Guarantee   key and newly established majors’ demand on literature information while   giving consideration to general majors’ demand according to the requirement   of university teaching and research development; gather users’ opinions,   grasp the trend of publication and distribution, and edit annual literature   procurement plan.

2.Allocate   all kinds of literature information resource rationally.

3.Handle   issues with the suppliers of books and database strictly according to   contracts and bidding documents.

4.Communicate   with staffs who work on lending and readings at regular intervals; understand   readers’ demand on information, earnestly implement and purchase the   literature resources recommended by readers to meet readers’ demand .

5.Carry   out the acceptance check, cataloging, examination and verification,   reservation, processing and related work of Chinese books; place strict standards   to check the data quality of cataloging, and strictly control the copy   numbers of accessioned books and periodicals; guarantee library’s   collections' quality and turn over edited books into storage in time; provide   service to readers.

6.Classify   and catalog scattered purchases and complimentary books according to Chinese   Library Classification (5th edition) and China MARC Format Manual and other   cataloging references; process those books for warehousing.

7.Take   charge of the procurement of Chinese and foreign language newspaper and   periodicals, take charge of the acceptance check, registration and cataloging   of Chinese newspaper and periodicals.

8.Take   charge of the procurement of Chinese and foreign language books and   periodicals, digital resources, and the financial reimbursement of related   acquisition expenses; keep the accounting neat,

9.Take   charge of the safety of this department and daily administration.

10.Warmly   receive visiting readers, and earnestly answer related questions from   readers.

11.Well   carry out readers’ compensation for original books, and declare reasons for   the books that could not be compensated.

12.Accomplish   other tasks as maybe assigned by superior leaders.

Digital   Technology Department

1.Take   charge of the utilization, management, statistic data processing, maintenance   and development of the library’s computer operational work management system.

2.Take   charge of the maintenance of library’s computer facilities and application   systems.

3.Take   charge of the management, maintenance and development of the library’s   network.

4.Take   charge of the installation, maintenance, management and external service of   digital resources.

5.Provide   technical support and service to all operational work units of the library.

6.Take   charge of the reception and processing of the university’s academic degree   dissertations.

7.Take   charge of the reception, processing, management and lending of CD attached   with books.

8.Take   charge of the management, maintenance and service of E-reading rooms.

9.Take   charge of the design, update and maintenance of the library’s website.

10.Well   carry out the prevention of thievery, fireproofing, thunder prevention and   other safety protection work of the computer room.

11.Carry   out works on related data security and virus prevention work.

12.Accomplish   other tasks assigned by library leaders.

Information   Consultation Department

1.Undertake   the teaching tasks of course Information Retrieval and Application; take   charge of curricula construction, teaching staff construction and teaching   material construction.

2.Carry   out education and training for readers: utilize all kinds of methods to carry   out training on “modern library utilization skills” for readers, hold special   lectures and collectively appointed lectures in all faculty and students in   the university; accept the invitations from colleges and departments and go   deep into colleges and departments to carry out training activities.

3.Establish   subject librarian systems, and carry out discipline service,

4.Carry   out literature retrieval, and indexed-search and citation per paper search of   users’ literature upon users’ request.

5.Take   charge of the security and cleaning work of this department, and related   statistics and summary work; provide all kinds of data and information   demanded by library directors in time,

6.accomplish   other tasks as maybe assigned by superior directors

Cultural   Extension Department

1.Cooperate   with the library office to carry out external connection, reception and   propaganda.

2.Cooperate   with the library office to publicize and report library’s meetings and   activities.

3.Take   charge of the connection, propaganda and holding for Jinshan Forum,

4.Take   charge of the connection, planning, and holding for Reading Festival.

5.Take   charge of the maintenance and update for the cultural events in the Work   Trend section in the library website.

6.Carry   out digital resource promotion jointly with Information Consultation   Department and Digital Technology Department.

7.Take   charge of the promotion of reading.

8.Take   charge of the reception, daily administration and exhibition room of   University History Museum, and Exhibition Hall of Provincial College of   Agriculture.

9.Take   charge of the edition and publishing work of the library’s publications.

10.Cooperate   with the library party committee to carry out Civilized Unit construction,   party members training; Working committee for the care of the next generation   and related work

11.Cooperate   with Office to carry out the political learning every Thursday afternoon,   professional training and related work.

12.Accomplish   other tasks assigned by superior directors.

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