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Introduction of the Library

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University has four libraries, Run Run Shaw Library, Li Changsheng Library, Qishan Campus Library and Anxi Campus Library. With the total construction area of more than 70,000 m2, the library has 23 reading rooms (areas), 2 literature search practice rooms, and nearly 5800 reading seats, opening to the public for 105 hours per week. Li Changsheng Library has a Taiwan literature library and the university history museum; Run Run Shaw Library has a memorial exhibition hall of the Fujian Provincial Agricultural College, and in 2012, it was awarded the “Fujian provincial social science popularization base” by the propaganda department of provincial party committee and the provincial social science association.

The library consists of the office, the acquisition and cataloging department, the circulation and reading department, the digital technology department, the information consulting department (including the novelty retrieval station), and the cultural development department. There are 88 staff members in the four libraries, which are 30 staff members with master or higher degree, 17 staff members with senior professional titles and 33 staff members with intermediate titles.

Collection Resources

The library has been strengthening the construction of collection resources in accordance to requirements of the university’s “five-sphere integrated” strategy and the construction targets of the “double first-rate” high level university. The rich collection resources provide a strong guarantee for the teaching and research, and the “double-first class” construction of our university. As of December 31, 2021, the collection of paper books (including journal bindings) was 3,081,300 copies. It has 3.34 million e-books (including electronic journals). There are 77 Chinese and foreign-language databases (28 foreign-language databases), including Wiley-blackwell, JSTOR, Science Direct, SpringerLink, ESI and other databases, SCI, SSCI, EI, CPCI, CSCD, CSSCI and other citation index databases. The library can also carry out online inquiry on cross-strait relations database, Taiwan agricultural database, Taiwan engineering database.

Information Service

Relying on rich collection resources, the library provides faculty and students with multi-type and multi-level services, including reference service, circulation reading, literature retrieval, novelty search, subject service, interlibrary loan, and document delivery. In 2018, the library worked in close coordination with the Fujian province university digital library (FULink) subject service group, and carried out works including WOS publication analysis, ESI subject analysis and patent competitiveness analysis for member universities. The library has also carried out ESI subject analysis and the potential prediction of highly-cited paper for our university. Independently, the library has established the retrieval system of highly-cited potential for the academic paper of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. Besides, the library has carried out the embedded teaching practice of "Information Retrieval and Utilization", and conducted online and offline interactive training close to readers, improving the information literacy ability of faculty and students and the efficiency of using database resources.

E-Resource Sharing Platform

Since 2013, the library has been strengthening the construction of mobile libraries, and has successively created the HUIWEN OPAC on mobile phone, FULink on mobile phone for the new campuses of universities in Fuzhou, e-book self-service download service based on FULink platform, and provided self-service equipment including Goethe e-book borrowing machine. Readers of the four libraries in the two regions all can download. It has promoted the online reading or download of e-books and e-journals on the sharing platform, academic resource inquiry, online video and online public lessons, and the mobile usage of various resources. Thus, it has shaped an literature information resource guarantee system, which includes the coexistence of e-documents and paper documents, the combination of physical collections and virtual collections, and the integration of single-library guarantee and multi-libraries leading and delivery. It breaks the limitations that readers must go to the library for borrowing. In 2018, faculty and students of our university made 7,101,600 visits to the mobile FULink platform, and submitted 32,200 document access requests.

The Construction of Intelligent Services

The library conducts active exploration into intelligent, diversified and personalized service management tools, and has been equipped with self-service devices such as borrowing machines, e-book downloading machines, digital lending machines, etc.. Besides, the library has set up laptop reading areas, further expanded the scope of RFID usage, and continuously promoted the construction of intelligent library. Currently, it has realized the intelligent management of seats in the self-study hall and the access control of the learning space at the Run Run Shaw Library. Readers can choose or release a seat, and reserve the learning space at any time through the WeChat platform. Besides, the library has launched WeChat public service platform, expanded  external publicity channels, and enabled readers to recommend books and obtain information through the WeChat platform. The library has also newly added mobile payment options, so readers can pay overdue fees through the on-site transfer machine via Alipay. They can also check and pay fees for novelty search through WeChat and Alipay on-site. It has simplified the procedures and improved the efficiency of readers.

Development and Construction of Campus Culture

Strengthening the promotion and construction of reading culture in order to improve the level of service and education, and to enrich the second classroom content of students. Taking forum and salon activities as the starting point, the library actively expands the readers' cultural knowledge fields, and has held the 14th Reading Festival, and carried out more than 60 cultural activities including knowledge contests and solicit essay competitions. These activities have been successively reported by 6 external media including FJSEN.COM, Fujian Daily, Workers’ Daily, etc. In April, the library was awarded the excellent organization award by the committee of Fujian federation of trade unions for the first Fujian university library appreciating poetry and classics、reading Bamin culture online knowledge contest. By making great use of the university history museum, which is an important carrier of university culture construction, the library will promote our university to continuously accumulate unique campus culture, to innovate characteristics of university operation, to inspire the morale of the university, and strive to promote the construction of double first-rate and high-level university with inexhaustible intellectual impetus.

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