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Library User Guide for the Period of Returning to Campus

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The library will be reopened on May 18, with restricted access.

1.Open area and opening hours

Run Run Shaw Library: stack rooms from 2nd to 5th floor, 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 each day

                      reading room from 3rd to 4th floor,  8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 each day

                      Service Hall at 2nd floor   8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 each day

Changsheng Library: reading rooms from 2nd to 3rd floor 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 each day

Qishan Library: 2nd to 3rd floor, 8:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 each day

Anxi Library: 1st floor will be in consistence with the arrangement of campus library

The Library would adjust the opening regions and hours according to the situation, and please pay attentions to the notifications on the library website, Wechat and Weibo account.  

2.Readers Instruction

2.1 The box and vehicle for returning books will be placed at the door of the service hall at the 2nd floor of Run Run Shaw Library and Qishan campus library. Readers who only need to return book can simply put the books into the box without reservation and then just leave. The library will do sterilization as soon as possible and then finish the returning procedures.

 2.2 After entering the library with reservation, readers must wear masks and keep safety distance (1 meter distance) when in the library. When at reading rooms, readers who need seat should take their seats by following one-person-one-desk and in the same direction. You do not need to put the books back to the shelves, just leave them on reading desk and librarians will take them back. Before the end of each opening period, readers should take all your belongs and sign off to leave the library orderly and consciously. Afterwards, each opening region should do ventilation, cleaning and related internal issues.

2.3 Graduates will do the leaving university procedures online. Those who cannot use online procedures can do it on-site after reservation. Places for processing: the general service front-desk at 2nd floor of Run Run Shaw Library; the general service front-desk at 2nd floor of Qishan campus library. The gathering of degree dissertation will be processed via email.  The graduate leaving procedures can be found at

2.4 If feeling uncomfortable or find health abnormities  of other readers, please inform the librarians on duty for help as soon as possible with responsibilities to the health of others and yourself.

3.Entering & Leaving Library Regulations for Readers

3.1 Run Run Shaw Library and Changsheng Library and Qishan campus library will apply a rolling reservation for entering library. For the same period, there should be no more than 300 readers respectively in Run Run Shaw Libray and Changsheng Library, and there should be no more than 80 readers for Qishan campus library.  

3.2 Readers should keep the safety distance (at least 1 meter) when queuing to enter library.

3.3 Readers must wear masks to enter the library orderly in the management of library; you should first produce your reservation code, and sign-in on cell phone to enter the library upon the normal body temperature is measured.

3.4 Before leaving library, readers should scan the barcode, successfully sign out, and produce it to librarians in order to leave.

3.5 reservation methods for entering library

Click or scan the entering reservation barcode below to enter into the reservation system; or scan the barcode at the library and make reservation on-site in order to enter.

Account: University Card (the same with the number on the university card)   

password: the password of Library Card (initial password is the last six digits of ID card)

3.5.1 reservation rules (see webpage hints)

Libraries provides reservation for periods of the next 7 days at the most; each readers on campus can reserve one period only for each time. Readers can independently sign in 15 minutes before the start or 10 minutes before the end of the reserved period; Unenforced reservation will expire in 30 minutes after the period end; For readers with unenforced reservation or not signing out on time, they cannot make any reservations on that day; during 50 minutes before each period end, reservation can still be made as long as there is space available; one campus can only be reserved for each reservation; readers please understand and cooperate that libraries may apply on-site emergency management measures in case of any abnormal and temporary events and specific requirement.

3.5.2 Illustrations for Reservation scan the barcode with cell phone

it is recommended to save account and password in the cellphone browser for the convenience of sign-in, sign-out and future reservations.

if using Wechat scan, please click “…” in the top right corner after entering the webpage, choose “view in browser”, and it is also good to save account and password with browser.

Account: University Card (the same with the number on the university card)   

password: the password of Library Card (initial password is the last six digits of ID card) fill in university card number (library card number) and library card password in the login page choose the library to reserve, Anxi campus library does not require reservation. choose the period of entering library finish reservation entering sign-in

if reserving onsite, the signin will produce at the bottom of the webpage above

readers can produce that webpage to staffs at the library entrance, and click the button above to sign in by yourself in order to enter library

For reservation not made on-site, please scan the entrance barcode at the door of library. The aforementioned finished reservation page and sign-in button will be displayed, produce the page to staffs at library entrance, and click the button by yourself in order to sign in and enter library. Leaving Library Sign-Out

scan the barcode at the exit when leaving library, and the sign-out button will be displayed after signing into the page. Click the button and produce it to library staffs in order to leave.  Reservation Deletion

For reservations of wrong period or library, if not displaying ’delete this reservation’, you can sign out and scan the barcode to log in again. After deletion, you can reserve the correct period and library again.

4.Digital Resource Usage

Please check the webpage for details


Digital Technology Department QQ: 3563680839  Phone: 0591-83789397

General Circulation Desk  Phone:0591-837643686

Qishan Campus Library  Phone:0591-23505691

Anxi Library   Phone:0595-26163125

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