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The Library Party Committee made efforts to provide digital resources and online services for teachers and students during epidemic prevention and control

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The Libraries affiliated to the Library Party Committee and Modern Education Technology and Information Management Center earnestly implemented the deployment from higher-levels, and adjusted work plans to do their best for the purpose to provide online services for the digital resources demand of teachers and students during the epidemic prevention and control period. They strived to provide solid guarantee on literature information and resource for teachers and students.

First, The guarantee on network and information services. The main responsible comrades at the Modern Education Technology and Information Management Center stick to their posts, made overall planning and coordinated relevant departments to give full play to their technological advantages, and helped our university to prevent and control the epidemic situation. It strengthened the network maintenance of end users, provided WebVPN support for teachers and staffs outside the campus, deployed Huawei's emergency video conferencing system, ensured smooth network communication within the campus and access to resources within the university, provided network technical support for online teaching,  hold remote video conferences and many other tasks. It also arranged staffs on duty in the campus card service center to reissue cards for teachers and students, ensuring that teachers and students hold the card for entering and leaving the campus. It further cooperated with related administrative departments of the university and departments to do propaganda, information submission, video recording, etc.

Second, ensuring access to digital resources from network outside the campus. The library published announcements on website and WeChat public account in the first place, providing a variety of methods to access digital resources from network outside the campus. According to the characteristic needs of teachers, doctoral students, master students and undergraduates, it arranged online personnel to provide resource access services. It also cooperated with the university information center to implement multiple digital access methods including WEBVPN, Huiwen VPN and other outside-campus network methods, and contacted digital resource suppliers to offer free access to 22 Chinese databases, 13 foreign language databases, including periodicals, e-books, and multimedia learning.

Third, developing online teaching. In accordance with unified arrangement of the Academic Affairs Office, the Library Information Retrieval and Utilization Teaching and Research Office adjusted teaching plan, and carefully prepared for online teaching. It conducted the online teaching of the "Information Retrieval and Utilization" course as scheduled.

    (The Library: Li Tingbo/article  Reviewer: Luo Zhixiong)

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