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The Library Put Forth Efforts to Improve the Professional Competence of Librarians With ‘Librarian Lessons’

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On January 11th, the University Library carried out the business training of Librarian Lessons in the Visual & Audio lecture hall on the second floor of Run Run Shaw Library. It provided three academic reports to all the technicians of the Library by inviting the guest speakers. They are Research Librarian Zhan Renfeng, the senior expert in library science and information science in our province; Senior Editor Feng Yun, the director of Fujian Province Education Science Research Institute, and Research Librarian Zhan Qingdong, the deputy curator of Fuzhou University Library.

esearch Librarian Zhan Renfeng was giving the lecture of The Institutional Repository Under the Era of Data

Senior Editor Feng Yun was giving the lecture of The Value Orientation and Implementation Approaches of Research Projects

esearch Librarian Zhan Qingdong was giving the lecture of The Intelligence Support for Discipline Construction

In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinpings reply to the old experts of national library, the University Library will carry out Librarian Lessons, establish the special project of Literature and Information as well as many other measures to  support the fundamental tasks of moral and academic education and to improve the service ability for education and research. We will proactively foster the rich atmosphere of academic research, and improve the professional competence of librarians.

(The Library: Wang Yongqing/article  Chen Xiaoye/photo)

Review: Luo Zhixiong

Status of Institutional Confidentiality Review: Passed

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