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The Library Invited Research Fellow Li Fang for a Lecture at Jinshan Forum

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On the afternoon of November 5th, research fellow Li Fang from College of Plant Protection at our university attended the Jinshan Forum · General Education - seminars celebrating the seventy years birthday of new China as a guest speaker upon invitation. In the academic lecture hall of Li Changsheng Library, she made a lecture in the title of "seventy years after the founding of China, the demonstration of small stamps", which attracted more than 190 teachers and students.

the lecture

During the lecture, Li Fang matched the exquisite stamp materials with the development process of New China, and introduced the three significant development peaks of Chinese stamps to teachers and students present. The first peak was the early period after the founding of the People's Republic of China. The stamps of this period successfully demonstrated the political and legal system of new China and the marking system, showing the construction achievement of new China. The second peak, in pace with the gradual deepening of the Reform and Open-up, showed the great changes brought to China since the Reform and Open-up. The third peak was in the new century, especially after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. During this period, the subject matter of stamps was more abundant, and the political connotation, artistic standard and cultural charm reached unprecedented heights.

The Lecture

The small stamps not only carry the country's core values and political ideas, but also carry a heavy history and a beautiful vision. From them, the audience realized China's self-confidence in the development road, the theory, the system, and the culture, and the firm belief and great dream that Chinese nation stands among the nations of the world.

(The Library  Chen Xiaoye/article/photo)


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