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The Library Held the Literature Lecture - "Campus Literature in the New Era, Contemporary Poem in Thirty Years"

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On the evening of November 15, young poet Chen Junjie from Fuzhou visited our school library as a guest speaker, and held a literature lecture entitled "Campus Literature in the New Era, Contemporary Poem in Thirty Years " in the audio-visual reading room of Run Run Shaw Library. The event was organized by the Library of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and was undertaken by Nanfeng Literature Society at our university. 110 teachers and students who love literature participated in the event.

Chen Junjie is a member of Fuzhou Writers Association, and currently serves as the editor for "Strait Poets". In the lecture, he cut in from his own creation experience, introduced his wonderful journey with poetry in detail, shared his poetic life during his study at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, and explained the changes of Chinese poetry in the 30 years since the beginning of the misty poetry. After the lecture, he also interacted and exchanged with literary creators and enthusiasts from the perspective of a poem journal editor.

The Lecture

The new era is a time in which new literary and artistic community can make great achievement. The library will continue to carry out activities related to literary lectures, spreading literary classics, implanting literary reading into hearts of people, and truly igniting the passion of teachers and students for literary works. It is hoped that teachers and students with literary dreams will keep in mind their original intention of literary creation, act as the spokesperson of the era and the disseminator of excellent culture, and stand as the participant and witness of the great Chinese dream.

The Group Photo



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