The research group of Professor Wang Kai of Cross-strait Joint Research Institute published a research article in the journal of《The Plant Journal》

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Recently, the research group of Dr. Wang Kai of Cross-strait Joint Research Institute published online a research article entitled “A and D genomes spatial separation at somatic metaphase in tetraploid cotton: evidence for genomic disposition in a polyploid plant” in the international authoritative academic journal 《The Plant Journal》. The article revealed a strange phenomenon, for the first time, that the chromosomes of polyploid species were regularly arranged in the space of cell, and also suggested the important role of this arrangement in the functional genome research.
As everyone knows, epigenetics is an important field of the functional genome research. The research group of Dr. Wang Kai proved, through the use of the classical cytological methods, that there existed a regular arrangement of chromosomes in the cells of the polyploid species, and that this phenomenon probably widely existed in both diploid and polyploid species according to the observations and analyses of a large quantity of experimental materials. Therefore, this might be a basic rule for the chromosome (chromatine) arrangement of all the species. This study opened a new perspective for the epigenetic research.
Meanwhile, this study was mainly realized by a graduate student of grade 2014, Han Jinlei (the first auther), under the guidance of Professor Wang Kai, which highlighted the significant achievements of FAFU in the talent introduction and accelerated cultivation of young talents through talent introduction.

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