The First Sino-US Predictive Microbiology and Chemical Residue Analysis Forum was held at FAFU

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From October 29th to October 30rd, the First Sino-US Predictive Microbiology and Chemical Residue Analysis Forum was held in the academic lecture hall of Xiqiang Building of FAFU.





The Vice Chairman of Fujian CPPCC Chen Shaojun, Dr. Lihan Huang from the Eastern Research Center of the USDA and the Vice Chair of the University Council Zhuang Xiangsheng attended the opening ceremony. The Director of College of Food Science Zheng Baodong took charge of the opening ceremony.
  The forum was jointly organized by FAFU, the Eastern Research Center of USDA, American Food Institute, Molecules (International Journal) and Journal of Toxicology Research (International Journal), undertaken by the College of Food Science, and co-organized by the National Key Laboratory of Meat Safety Production Technology, etc. More than 300 representatives from the Eastern and Western Research Centers of USDA, University of Georgia, Maine University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Ocean University, FAFU and other domestic and overseas universities/research institutions attended the Forum.
  This forum was an important academic event in the field of Predictive Microbiology and Chemical Residue, aimed at promoting the international exchanges and cooperation and the development of the relevant disciplines. The forum focused on two themes: one was hosted by Dr. Steven Lehotay and Dr. Ting Fang, and another was hosted by Dr. Lihan Huang and Dr. Jie Pang. Around the topics of predictive microbiology and chemical residue analysis, the well-known experts and scholars from home and abroad had made extensive academic exchanges and discussion about the building of microbiology model, food safety risk assessment and other hot topics.


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