A Delegation of DUT visited FAFU and exchanged with College of Arts and College of

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In the morning of December 10th, Prof. Rene Smith and Prof. Graham Steward, Dean of College of Art & Design of DUT and Foreign Director of Confucius Institute of DUT, came to visit College of Arts and College of Landscape Architecture of FAFU,  and gave an academic lecture, followed by discussions. The responsible persons and teachers of College of Arts and College of Landscape Architecture have attended the lecture.   



The excellent lecture entitled “Art and Design—a Golden Economy” made by Professor Rene Smith opened the prelude of  exchanges. Professor Rene Smith described concisely and vividly how the College of Art and Design of DUT carried out the teaching activities and cultivated teachers and students so as to realize the  value of Art and create the economic value, all of which were under the background that the economy, science and technology, and education have greatly developed while the gap between rich and poor remained as a serious problem in South Africa. Then both Dean and Deputy Dean of College of Arts and College of Landscape Architecture held a detailed discussion with the two guests on the cooperation between the two sides. The two sides reached a cooperative intention about exchanges of students, cooperative research, exchanges of teachers, and jointly creating a master-level “Double Degree Program”. After discussion about certain  details,  the two sides signed a college-level cooperative agreement. On the basis of this agreement, the two sides would search the diversified forms of exchanges including holding exhibitions to present the works of teachers and students of the opposite side and building an online exhibition platform, etc.. The two sides wished to continuously push forward the college-level cooperation and add  contribute to the inter-university’s cooperation between FAFU and DUT.


Correspondant: Office of International Cooperation and Exchange    Xu Liyan

Photogragher: College of Art College of Landscape Architecture   Zheng Jing

Translator: College of Liberal Arts and Law   Chen Jingjing

Auditor: College of Crop Science   Lu Yunhai  


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