David Gray give a presentation to faculty and students of FAFU

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In the afternoon of November 11th, Dr. David Gray, the Director of College of Agriculture of Dalhousie University in Canada, was invited by the Office of Educational Administration to give a presentation on “Universities of the future: The Challenges we face” for faculty and students of FAFU at Wuyi hall.


Dr. David Gray pointed out that the Higher Education sector was undergoing a fundamental transformation in terms of its role in society, mode of operation and economic structure and value. Five mega-trends will transform the higher education sector globally: Education popularization and general admission, Contestability of education markets, deeply integrated with industrial applications, the widely used Digital technologies, deeply integrated with industrial applications and the global flow of students. By comparing different operation models, Dr. David Gray summarized that the universities in the future should optimize the structure of academic talents, master commercial skills, change management mode in order to accelerate to adapt to requirements of market to meet challenges.

More than 40 faculty with overseas education background and foreign student representatives listened to the presentation.


Correspondent:Xin Chen

Translator:Lin Wu Wei Zheng

Reviewer:Liqing Wei


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