Industry-Academia Program Development of Battery Cooling Fan

time: 2014-12-01   author:   clicks: 123

Recently, industry-academia program Development of Battery Cooling Fan of New Energy Vehicles, chaired by Professor Zhang Xiang of FAFU, received acceptance of the expert group.

Aiming at the demand of Chery A21 ISG Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), the program developed the matched HEV battery cooling fan with Fuzhou OLE Electric Co, LTD. With joint efforts, China’s first advanced and high-powered HEV battery cooling fan was successfully produced, which also made OLE Chery A21 ISG’s qualified and exclusive supplier. In terms of its motor control and drive, the battery cooling fan adopts position sensorless permanent magnet synchronous motor control system and observer-based FOC control algorithm, which enhances the control performance and reliability of its motor and reduces its vibration and noise. As for the fan structure, centrifugal integral rotor structure and integral rolling bearing support structure are used, which shrinks the size of the fan and air conditioning system and also improves the security and reliability of the fan work. The product’s key technical index is higher than that of foreign counterparts.

With its full use of the opportunity of China’s strong support on the development of new energy vehicles and its close combination to the demand of this industry, the program well reflected the social significance of the major industry-academia programs in serving economic construction. Therefore, the program was awarded S&T Innovation and Cooperation Award from Wuhu Government.


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