FAFU held the Annual Work Report & Exchange Meeting for three Centers of FAFU

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In the afternoon of December 21st, FAFU held the annual work report & exchange meeting in Wuyi Hall of Mingde Building for its three research centers: UIUC-SIB Joint Center for Genomics and Biotechnology, Basic Forestry and Proteomics Research Center and Horticultural Plant Biology and Metabonomics Center. The Chair of the University Council Ye Huilin, President Lan Siren, Chair of Discipline Inspection Committee You Guoshun, vice president Wang Zonghua and Lian Xiaorong, the former vice president You Minsheng and Huang Yifan, the Assistant to the President Huang Yanhe and Tong Jianfu have attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by vice president You Minsheng. 




In the work report & exchange meeting, the three centers respectively reported their progress in terms of talent team construction, equipment and construction of platforms, management systems, expenditures, scientific research and teaching, foreign exchanges and cooperation and so on.
The UIUC-SIB Joint Center for Genomics and Biotechnology got the substantive progress in terms of sugarcane genomics and plant sexual reproduction, and has published a few high-level research papers; The Basic Forestry and Proteomics Research Center has started the research in fields of transcriptional regulation and epigenetic mechanisms in Chinese fir, and made a good exploration on how to work together with Chinese Fir Engineering Center and College of Forestry of FAFU in the fields of teaching and scientific research;
The Horticultural Plant Biology and Metabonomics Center used talents to attract talents to initially set up a high-level team, and formulated a research proposal with the topic of tea Metabolomics. The three centers had also made in-depth exchanges with the related functional departments of FAFU and given their opinions and suggestions about how to improve the graduate students’ recruitment and training mechanism, complete and perfect the “Talent Agreements”, improve web sites’, laboratory and base construction, etc..

Ye Huilin affirmed the preliminary achievements got by the three centers in the fields of talents’ introduction, scientific research, system and mechanism innovation, scientific management, academic exchange, students’ cultivation and so on. She pointed out that the high-level university construction of FAFU has already been listed into the important decisions of the provincial government; and that, in order to solidly pushe forward the construction of high-level university; we must be able to achieve the “Three Persistences”. She put forward five requirements for the construction and development of the three centers: the first one was to actively participate in the national and provincial project applications; the second one was to actively participate in the cross-strait cooperation and exchanges, firmly grasp the favorable opportunity that the Party Central Committee decided to support the scientific and leaping development of Fujian Province, take the initiative to integrate and accelerate to develop ourselves; the third one was to actively serve the local economic and social development, and play a greater role in the fields of scientific research, personnel training and so on; the forth one was to actively promote the in-depth integration, the improvement of the overall level and the common development of the introduced and existing talents in the fields of teaching, research, personnel training, social services and so on; the fifth one was that each college should change their concepts, actively dock and promote the integration and upgrading of the three centers, at the same time play an active role of high-level talent teams in the graduate students’ training and together cultivate the outstanding talents. 
Lansi Ren made the summarizing speech. Aiming at the development and construction of the three centers, he made clear requests to the members of three centers, the relevant functional departments and related colleges, and deployed the work for the next phase. He said that the three centers had made important progresses in their construction and obtained initial results, this was a landmark event in the history of FAFU, it had brought the new delightful changes for the talents’ introduction and the mode of scientific research management of FAFU, and the innovative thinkings for the  mode of talents’ management, these have further enhanced the influence of FAFU in China and the world.

The difficulties and problems encountered by the three centers were the issues of the development, reform and ongoing progress. We must be confident to resolve them. Aiming to the existing problems, Lansi Ren emphasized that we should attach more importance to the top-level design of the three centers, condense the discipline issues and identify the research directions; further accelerate the talents’ recruitment work and take it as a a cardinal task of the next phase; speed up the tasks’ carrying forward and get substantive progress; accelerate the construction of the environments and laboratory of the three centers; further promote the cross-strait exchanges and international cooperation; further strengthen and improve the system construction; establish a mechanism of regular communication and coordination. Lansi Jen had also made the specific comments to each of the several works that would be especially carried forward in the next stage. 


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