Approval of Construction of National Sugarcane Engineering Technology Research Center

time: 2014-12-01   author:   clicks: 293

In recent days, Ministry of Science and Technology has announced notice to approve constructions of extra high voltage transformer center and other 14 nation technology research centers. FAFU’s National Sugarcane Engineering Technology Research Center is on the list. Now FAFU boasts two National Technology Innovation Platforms, namely,China National Engineering Research Center of JUNCAO Technology and National Sugarcane Engineering Technology Research Center.

The new project will focus on the current urgent issues on sugarcane industry, including its sustainable development, industrial chain extension, industrial upgrading, and global influence enhancing. The research on strategic high technologies, social public welfare and some other common problems will be enhanced gradually, which is sure to increase our research efficiency and inspire research members’ activeness and creation. Also, achievements with important application prospect will continue to progress toward the goal of systematic, complete, engineering development and industrialization demonstration. The research fellows strive to speed up the research achievement’s industrialization, radiation transfer and diffusion, its mass application, overall benefit improvement and global competitiveness.

The construction of the center will attach importance to the development of sugarcane industry, transformation of scientific achievements, extension of technical basis and cultivation of students’ ability. Meanwhile continued implement will boost school’s innovation capacity, the transformation of research results into productivity, and the advancement of school’s competitiveness and social impact and ability to support high-tech industry.


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