Successful Verification of the “Seed Resources Sharing Platform

time: 2014-12-01   author:   clicks: 253

Recently, the technology innovation platform project, namely Seed Resources Sharing Platform of Subtropical Fruit Trees and Other Special Economic Crops, has been approved by the expert group. The project washosted by professor Lai Zhongxiong from the College of Horticulture.

The project was accomplished with concerted efforts from Youxi Seed Farm, Fuzhou Economic Crops Technology Station, Ningde Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Fujian Tropical Crops Research Institute, Jianning Lotus Seed Science Research Institute and Yongchun Green Citrus Seedling Breeding Field. The project bears some fruits, including construction of test tube seedling bank of subtropical fruit trees and other special economic crops in Fujian and construction of six resources garden including five kinds of seeds (citrus, bananas, grapes, olives, lotus seeds) and inspection and collection of 1012 seed resource samples on subtropical fruit trees and other special economic crops, 1009 samples in vitro conservation and 665 samples having immediate preservation. After collection and preservation, value of seed resources have been evaluated and excellent ones have been utilized. The project group set up website about subtropical fruit trees and other special economic crops seed resources information and the sharing platform tends to be improved and utilization efficiency of resource sharing in Fujian province has been increased.

The project won the 1st class state award of science & technology progress, and four new varieties acquired the provincial identification. The project group declared 1 national invention patent and published 100 papers, one of which won 1st class excellent nature science paper award.


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