Chinese Academy of Sciences Xie Lianhui

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Professor Xie Lianhui: Member of Chinese Communist Party; member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (since 1991);director of the academic committee of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University; convener of the Disciplinary Appraisal Panel of the State Council’s Academic Degrees Commission.


1954-1958, Department of Agriculture, Fujian Agricultural College.

Researches and Achievements

Academician Xie has been engaged for a long time in teaching, scientific research and production practice of plant pathology and virology and has ever put forward the immune theory and the method of eradicating pathogens over the winter, which solves theoretical and practical problems of rice blast and wheat stem rust.

Since 1973, he has systematically studied pathogen species, distribution, damages, spread, measurement and control of rice virus diseases in China, the outcome of which has been described as “new contribution to the worldwide research of the virus”, and for three times he has been invited to give a speech in international academic conference. In addition, Academician Xie has conducted a comprehensive study on virus species, distribution, occurrence and control measures of Chinese Narcissus, sugarcane, tobacco, tomato and banana plant, and has obtained a number of innovative achievements. In recent years he has expanded his research field, focusing on the research on animal viruses and natural medicine, and has made great progress in the detection of shrimp virus and water virus and in the R&D of antiviral, antitumor bioactive substances. Thanks to his research, one new species of plant virus and one new virus vector have been discovered, and 11 new virus records in China have been reported.


More than 260 papers,

Four books

Awards & Honors

Two 1st Prizes, four 2nd Prizes, four 3rd Prizes and one 4th Prize of Science and Technology Progress at ministerial or provincial level;

One 1st Prize of Fujian teaching achievement;

Advanced educator of Fujian Province;

Winner of Fujian labor medal;

National outstanding teacher;

National advanced worker of agricultural science and technology;

National young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions (1984)


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