The Team on Cultivation and Management of Timber Forest

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The leading scientist is Professor Sizu Lin. Built on the Tier-1 Discipline of Forest Science, the Key Discipline on Forest Cultivation of State Forestry Bureau, and the Key Discipline on Forest Cultivation of Fujian Province and based on the Institute of China Fir Engineering, the team consists of 24 members. Major fields of research are seedling engineering, cultivation technologies, quantitative management, and ecosystem management on timber forest with the focus on new ideas and new technologies on seed cultivation of man-made forest, new models on directive breeding of timber forest, the impacts of adversity on the ecosystem of man-made forest, integrated management of the ecosystem of man-made forest. The team has built the technology system for the fast growing of nursery stock compatible with the multi-approach seedling cultivation, environment-friendly cultivation technologies for directive breeding of man-made forest, digital management technology system of timber forest, and sustainable management technology system of man-made forest for improving the forest output and quality in Fujian Province.



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