The associate professor Zhao Chaofu published a research paper in the journal of《Chemical Communications》

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Recently, the associate professor Zhao Chaofu of the College of  Food Science of FAFU published his important discovery in the fields of synthesis and application of human functional oligosaccharide in the international authoritative academic journal 《Chemical Communications》. The paper was titled “One-pot multienzyme (OPME) synthesis of human blood group H antigens and a human milk oligosaccharide (HMOS) with highly active Thermosynechococcus elongatusa1–2-fucosyltransferase”, aith FAFU as the research unit of the first author.


《Chemical Communications》(IF=6.834)was the flagship magazine of Royal Society of Chemistry in England, and was considered as one of the top international journals in the field of chemistry, which mainly published the original international high-level research achievements in the field of chemistry .
The high efficient system of chemo-enzymatic synthesis of complex sugar chains developed by this study provided a new research method for deeply understanding and studying the regulative effect of the functional oligosaccharides on enteric microorganisms.
The associate professor Zhao Chao is mainly engaged in the research of functional genomics, chemical glycobiology and seaweed applied biology. Since his appointment at FAFU, he has already presided over a total of 11 projects at the national, ministerial or provincial level . He was the winner of both the Fujian Provincial Outstanding Youth Science Foundation and the “Outstanding youth Scientific Research Talents Training Special Foundation” of FAFU.  He is the only candidate that obtained the financial supports from China Postdoctoral Science Special Foundation and First-class Foundation for Fujian Province in the field of sea science among the same batch. He has published 13 SCI papers as the first author, obtained 10 authorized invention patents and applied to 25 invention patents (including one American patent).

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