Notice on“My Beautiful Encounter with China” Essay/Short-Video Competition

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Want to share with your peers your feelings about Chinese culture?

Want to record your life, work, study in China?

Want to roast your cultural conflicts, laugh, embarrassment or bitterness over your surroundings?

Please join us!

The International College will hold the “My Beautiful Encounter with China” Essay/Short-Video Competition for foreign students in China. The Competition aims to promote cultural and people-to-people exchanges among young generations from different countries, enhance foreign students' knowledge and friendship with China and their knowledge of China's development and changes, and to tell stories about China well and to spread China's voice well.

I. Participants

International students, alumni graduated from FAFU

II. Ways to Participate and Requirements

Participants may choose from either of the two forms (essay or short-video), or join both of them. All works can be in Chinese or English, and the former is recommended. All entries must be original, without being published in other newspapers, books or websites, or being contributed to other competitions.

Requirements of the Essay Entries

1. You can decide the headlines of your stories with the theme on My Beautiful Encounter with China. You can tell the experiences and feelings of your study, life, social experience, cultural experience and volunteering activities in China, tell Chinese stories in a vivid and true way with a combination of photographs and essay and describe China's economic development, scientific and technological achievements, natural scenery, urban features, cultural exchanges and battle against the epidemic.

2. Add 3-5 photos related to the study and life of international students in China and reflecting your deep love towards China, Fujian or FAFU. The content should be closely related to the photos and should be rich, readable, real, meaningful, and coherent

3. Writing of any style is welcome, and the length of entries should be around 1,000 Chinese characters.

4. Format


(1) Clear pixels and no larger than 10M.

(2) Description of the photograph:

① Text font: Song typeface, size 五号;

② Briefly describe where the photograph was taken and who is in the photograph;

③ Put it under the photograph and centre it.

(3) Place into the paragraph related


(1) Microsoft Word document

(2) Font of the Title: size 三号, boldface type, centered

(3) Grade, Name (in English and Chinese): size 小四, Song typeface, centered

(4) Body: size 小四, Song typeface, the Before and After Spacing for a paragraph is 0, 1.5

line spacing

Requirements of Short-Video Entries

1. Subject: Record what you learn and see during your study, living and travel in China from the perspective of international students in China, tell vivid and real stories about China, and express the most touching feelings for China.

2. Video Duration: 1-6 minutes.

3. Video Format: horizontal version, with Chinese/English subtitles, MP4 format, at least 1920*1080 resolution, creation and processing are allowed

III. How to Contribute

1. Please send your essay or short-video works to email: (It is suggested that the name of the file be saved as following: Grade + Name + Nationality)

2. Deadline: Essay/Video entries: April 15, 2022

IV. Rewards

All submitted essay and short video will be reviewed separately by a professional panel organized by the International College. The number of winners of first prize, second prize, third prize and excellent prize depends on the submission of works, and the rewards for the former 3 prizes will be RMB300, RMB200 and RMB100 respectively. All participants will receive a certificate of merit. The outstanding works will be modified and posted on the relevant websites and Wechat public account and compiled into a book.

V. Contact

Contact: Mr. HUANG Jianfeng   Tel: 0591-83789183



 International College of FAFU

 March 8, 2022