International College Organized a Tree Climbing Trial Class for International Students

Publisher:pubdate:2021-12-20Browse Times:10

In order to further enrich the school life and improve the physical and mental health of international students, the International College organized a tree climbing trial class for international students from Indonesia, Pakistan and Ecuador on the morning of December 16th. Wei Yongsheng, a teacher of the School of Economics and Management in FAFU, senior water safety and lifesaving instructor of Red Cross Society of China and rapids lifesaving instructor, conducted on-site teaching.

Wei Yongsheng introduced the kind of trees that can be climbed, which branch to hang the main rope on, how to assemble the tree climbing tools and do the gravity test. He also demonstrated two tree climbing methods on site. After that, the international students who put on the equipment climbed up the tree one after another under the guidance of Mr. Wei and successfully climbed to the top.

Sergey from Russia said, The tree climbing class is really great. Through the class, I am able to understand more about nature, get close to nature and enjoy nature. Meanwhile, I get to master a new skill.”

Tian Yao from Uganda said, This was the first time that I had climbed a tree. Halfway up I was exhausted and wanted to give up, but everyone's cheering encouraged me to challenging myself and finally made it to the top. It is also my birthday today, and this experience is the best gift for myself.

Taha from Pakistan stated “It seems easy to see other students climbing up, but it is really a challenge to do it by myself because it needs physical strength, intelligence and perseverance.” When he finally reached the top and overlooked the campus, he experienced a different visual experience than from the flat ground.

Tree climbing is an experiential education that breaks through the traditional education, teaching mode and traditional cognitive education, expanding the physical education class to the outdoor. Through the class, students get closer to nature, improve their physical and mental health and cultivate the qualities of optimism, fearlessness and courage to challenge so as to become a well-rounded self.