International College Conducted 2022 Chinese New Year Symposium and Winter Holiday Safety Education Conference for International Students

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On January 20, International College held the 2022 international students New Year Symposium and winter vacation safety education conference in conference room 303. Wu Jincheng, Dean of the College, Liu Min, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, and all international students staying on campus attended the conference.

Issuing Certificate

Safety Education

Watching the Movie Chinese Doctors

During the conference, the leaders of college reported the work for international students in the year of 2021, expressed thanks to the students for their support to the College and awarding the certificates to the students who won the first, second and third prizes in the 4th Fujian Province International, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Teachers and Students Art Festival. Mr. Wu extended wishes for the international students, expressed the need to learn Chinese well, actively participate in activities, perceive Chinese culture, as long as to be a good messenger in the exchange of Chinese and foreign culture, and be a contributor to the communication between China and foreign countries.

The leaders also educated students on epidemic prevention and control, fire prevention, traffic safety, food safety, religion and other related issues. After the conference, all the international students watched the movie Chinese Doctors.