International Students Experienced the Folklore of Lantern Festival

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As the Lantern Festival approaches, the international students went to Mingyue ancient town to appreciate the lanterns of the water town and participate in “youshen”also known as the God Pageant Ceremony, which includes three stages: Arrangement, God Pageant and Ending, and six steps: Inviting God, Meeting God, Drinking Tea, God Pageant, Pattering and Seeing God Off. These allowed them to experience the Minhou’s “Fu” culture, Fuzhou’s traditional folklore, as well as the traditional Lantern Festival.

In the ancient town, the students watched the lanterns designed for the Year of the Tiger and expressing welcome for both New Year and happiness; watched the Chinese New Year folk show;  took a hand-cranked wooden boats through the water town; enjoyed the intangible cultural heritage snacks and the local meals; and watched the Chinese style drama in an immersive way. All the students were enchanted by the wonderful show.

Waheed from Pakistan said, China is a country with 5,000 years of civilization and has its traditional culture well-preserved. I am very delighted to experience the traditional Chinese festivals in Fuzhou and appreciate the profundity of traditional Chinese culture and folklore.

Ali from Pakistan said, “Coming to Minyue Ancient Town feels like travelling through time and seeing a different China. It is a great experience. I enjoy the taste of New Year here. This experience will be a wonderful memory.”

Viewing the Lanterns

It is reported that the International College carries out regular activities for foreign students to experience traditional Chinese culture. During the Chinese New Year, students were organized to participate in New Year's Eve dinner, paper-cutting, writing Spring Festival couplets, sticking lucky characters, guessing lantern riddles, viewing lanterns, watching Chinese movies and other activities to strengthen their recognition and identity of Chinese traditional culture.