International College Held a Chinese Corner Activity of “Promoting the Spirit of Martial Arts and Understanding Chinese Culture”

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On the afternoon of Dec. 12, the International College held a Chinese corner activity of Promoting the Spirit of Martial Arts and Understanding Chinese Culture” in Meeting Room 303, inviting members of the martial arts association to share and exchange with international students Chinese martial arts culture.

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At the event, members of the martial arts association showed the international students various traditional martial arts including Taiji sword (a straight two-edged sword used in the training of the Chinese martial art Taijiquan), BaDuanJin (eight-section brocade), and changquan (a set of boxing), while members of the International Cultural Exchange Department of the College Student Union gave explanations and introduced the history and cultural connotation of Chinese martial arts. The action performance won the applause from the audience, and the international students actively interacted with each other and experienced the charm of Chinese martial arts through participating in the games. As one of the outstanding cultural treasures of the Chinese nation, Chinese martial arts has a long history and its unique sport style engenders a rich and colorful connotation of Chinese traditional culture.

It is reported that since its establishment, the Department has been holding monthly Chinese Corner activities to show the excellent Chinese traditional culture such as art and calligraphy, Hanfu (Chinese style dress) and Peking Opera to the international students, spreading the Chinese voice and telling the Chinese story through rich types of activities.