International College Adopted the ‘Three Contacts and Three Strengthens’ Management Mode to Serve International Students in a Smooth and Orderly Manner

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On the afternoon of Oct. 5, the International Student Management Office of the International College held a symposium about the regular epidemic prevention and control for the international students who stay off-campus and travel to and from Qishan Campus of FAFU. About 20 international students from 9 countries including Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan and Rwanda participated the meeting. During the meeting, the students made brief comments about their academic progress and daily life one by one. Then the counselors introduced the safety considerations of off-campus accommodation, community prevention and control management, vaccination and health reporting, etc. This meeting enabled the College to improve effectiveness of the targeted management and service work of different kinds of student groups.

 Visiting International Students Living Outside Campus

It is reported that since the outbreak of the global epidemic in 2020, the International College, as the main management unit of the international students in FAFU, has actively adjusted its management mode, expand the scope of services, and actively responded to the epidemic prevention and control with multiple measures.

Firstly, the College has strengthened the management of students living on campus by contacting them. The College closely cooperates with the Security Office, the campus hospital and the all collaborated training colleges to accurately grasp the routine of students and help implement vaccination, nucleic acid testing and body temperature monitoring.

Secondly, we contact with students living outside the campus and strengthen cooperation with local government. We enhance cooperation with the Exit and Entry Administration Office, the local police station and the communities and streets to manage the affairs of international students who live off-campus and travel to and from Qishan Campus of FAFU. We also visit them from time to time to know about the students' accommodation and living conditions, screen for potential safety risks, and timely provide epidemic prevention materials and community related information..

Thirdly, we contact students outside the country and strengthened our academic support. For more than 90 overseas students who are unable to enter the university, the College pays close attention to the latest national exit and entry policies, reminds students to pay close attention to the local epidemic situation and informs them of the prevention measures. At the same time, actively follow up students' learning progress, and provide them with academic counseling and psychological guidance. By September 30th this year, the College has assisted 15 international students to complete their studies, and handled suspension procedures for 73 overseas students.