International Students Were Invited to Participate in the Recording of My Story in Fujian Keynote Speech TV Program Hosted by the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Fujian Province

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On October 19,  NSANZINSHUTI AIMABLE and NIYIMBABAZIOBED, two Rwandan students, were invited to participate in the recording of My Story in Fujian, sponsored by the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Fujian Province, on behalf of FAFU at Fujian TV Station. Through the perspective of international students in China, they told a much-told story of the China-Rwanda poverty eradication under the title of Chinese Juncao Planted Globally.

NSANZINSHUTIAIMABLE and NIYIMBABAZIOBED are PhD students of Class 2021 and MS students of Class 2019 in Biology in the College of Life Sciences respecitively. Both of them study in the field of research and application of Juncao technology. During the recording, they stated the reasons for coming to China and studying in FAFU. They also expressed their love toward the beautiful surroundings in Fujian and shared their feelings about studying in FAFU. At the same time, they talked about the changes brought by the team of Professor Lin Zhanxi (the chief scientist of the National Juncao Engineering Technology Research Center) to the social and economic development in their hometown by promoting Juncao technology. Eight international students from Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria and other countries participated in the program as audience. After the event, representatives of international students attended the seminar of My Story in Fujian. Through the perspective of foreigners in Fujian, they made speeches on how to let the world know about and understand China, and tell the story of Fujian and China to the world.

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It is reported that the event also invited American Professor William Pan from Xiamen

University, Aladdin (Turkish winner of Fujian Friendship Award) and other expatriates who are familiar and friendly with Chinese, to share memorable stories about how they formed ties with Fujian and to present a real, beautiful, multidimensional and open image of Fujian through different perspectives.