International Students Were Invited to Participate in the Virtual Exhibition of Fujian Maritime Silk Road culture

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On November 16, 10 international students from Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Africa and other countries were invited to the Fuzhou Grand Theatre to attend the virtual exhibition of Fujian Maritime Silk Road culture, witnessing the opening ceremony of the digital exhibition hall of Fujian Maritime Silk Road and intangible cultural heritages and watching the virtual exhibition with the theme of ‘Witnessing the Millennium Development of the Maritime Silk Road and Sharing the Beauty of Intangible Heritages’.

The performance included a series of programs showing Fujian Maritime Silk Road culture and intangible heritage culture by displaying Folklore and Tea Art (art of Fujian Tea making), Da Ming Fu (cloth puppet show), Jade Bead String Found(A Gaojia Opera tells a story about an emperor finding the lost jade bead string for his daughter and rewarding whoever found the bead string with a huge amount of wealth; Gaojia Opera is a kind of opera in Southern Fujian, with singing method including Southern Music, Puppet Tune and folk ditty, Southern Music being the main, using Wen and Wu musical instruments.), dance performance Bodiless Lacquerware (The bodiless lacquerware manufactured in Fuzhou, which boasts distinctive ethnic styles and local features, has been known in and outside China for its magnificent colors, light and thin bodies, and ingenious designs.), music performance Hakka Folk Song (A type of Chinese folk song sung in Hakka dialect), etc., leaving students from all over the world amazed and intoxicated.

Yangguang, an international student from Vietnam, said, “The performance was really wonderful. Fujian not only boasts beautiful scenery and kind people, the cultural heritage here is also splendid and charming. l really enjoy the Fujian Jasmine Tea, which has a long-lasting aroma and fresh taste, and is said to be anti-aging and improve the immunity of the body.”

Ryan from Zimbabwe said, l was impressed by the cloth puppet show tonight. It is hard to imagine that the tiny little rag-doll puppets could make such exquisite motions by human hands and make the performance so vivid.”

Lin Weiwang from Malaysia said, “The show was a real eye-opener. Not only did I learn about Fujian Maritime Silk Road culture and intangible cultural heritage, I also discovered that cultural heritage can be expressed in a rich variety of forms. I will actively explore Fujian culture in the future and share with more people what I have seen and heard in China.”

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It is reported that the Virtual Exhibition of Fujian Maritime Silk Road culture was organized by News Office of Fujian Provincial People's Government and Fujian Provincial Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, co-organized by Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, hosted by Dongnanwang (Fujian official news website), and supported by Fujian's overseas cultural stations in Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, UK, France, Singapore, Australia and Argentina, and broadcasted live to the world through several network platforms.