Notice: 2024 Fujian Government Scholarship/ Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Scholarship Annual Review

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The 2024 annual review of Fujian Government Scholarship/ Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Scholarship has begun. Relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

. Review objects

1. Students who will continue to be funded by Fujian Government Scholarship/ Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Scholarships after September 2024;

2. Students who have been reviewed as unqualified in the last scholarship annual review, and have been suspended scholarship qualification or canceled partial scholarships;

3. Students who have suspended study do not need to participate in the annual review.

. Review Contents

Academic records, study/research attitude, moral conduct and activity performance in the 2023/2024 academic year.

III. Form Filling

1. Please download Form for Annual Review of FAFU Scholarship Status/ Form for Annual Review of Fujian Government Scholarship Status from website and Wechat group. International students currently in Fuzhou can collect the paper version of the review form in office 205 of IC.

2. The students currently in Fuzhou fill in the personal information and performance during the academic year (compliance, study status, participation in activities) in the form with the black ink pen, then sign in signature area(本人签名). According to what you have filled in, you need also submit relevant attachment materials, such as personal award certificates, honorary certificates, copies of scientific research achievements, certificates of participation in various activities, etc. Submit the form and relevant materials to your supervisor, and get the training college stamp, then submit to International college. The students currently outside China can directly fill in the electronic version, but the personal signature should be an electronic signature.

. Submission Methods

1. For students who are unable to submit hard copy documents, please complete the scholarship form and send scanning copy or electronic copy to supervisor by e-mail. Your supervisor should fill the upper part of the Chinese side of the form and sign it, get the training college stamp, then send/submit to office email (

2. For students who are able to submit the paper version, please submit the completed paper version form and relevant materials to the student counselor of International College.

3. Deadline: April 30, 2024

V. Important Reminders:

Those who fail to submit within the time limit will be considered as giving up the scholarship automatically.


1. 省奖、校奖年度评审表(范例).doc

2. 福建省政府奖学金年度评审表(研究生)(FGS Scholarship for graduate student).doc

3. 福建省政府奖学金年度评审表(本科生)(FGS Scholarship for graduate student).doc

4. 福建农林大学奖学金年度评审表(研究生)(FAFU Scholarship for graduate student).doc

5. 福建农林大学奖学金年度评审表(本科生)(FAFU Scholarship for undergraduate student).doc