Notice: the 2024 Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Review

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According to the requirements of the annual evaluation method for the Chinese Government Scholarships, The 2024 annual review of Chinese Government Scholarship has begun. Relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

. Review objects

1. Students who will continue to be funded by Chinese Government Scholarships after September 2024;

2. Students who should graduate in July 2024 as planned, but will plan to apply for study extension and meet the extension requirements;

3. Students who have been reviewed as unqualified in the last CSC review, and have been suspended scholarship qualification or canceled partial scholarships;

4. Students who suspended study from school until April 15.

.Review Contents

Academic records, study/research attitude, moral conduct and activity performance in the 2023/2024 academic year.

III. Review Process

The Annual Review of this year's should be conducted through the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System for Study in China (; 

The basic process is university confirms scope of students to participate → student self-assessment → the college tutor/ student counselor evaluate → university  fills in the opinions, and relevant supporting materials should be uploaded as required.

(1) Student self-assessmentApril 18-April 30

Students should log in to with CSC ID number and fill out the Chinese Government Scholarship Evaluation Questionnaire. After completing the self-assessment information and uploading additional materials, click Submit

Students shall give a brief review of the study and behavior during this academic year from three perspectives (Observe rules and regulations, Academic performance, Participation in activities).

For Chinese-taught students, please fill the form in ChineseFor English-taught students, in English.

2The college tutor/ student counselor evaluateMay 1-May 10

After the student completes the self-assessment submission, the school page status will be changed to be graded by the assessor, and the school tutor/counselor will receive an email with the login link, temporary user name and password.Tutors/counselors need to change their official passwords after logging in to the system, enter the “Scholarship Student Evaluation” page, rate the students and fill in the reviewer’s comments, and then click “Submit”.

The tutor will quantitatively evaluate the students' academic performance (30 points) and learning/research attitude (20 points) and fill in the comments of the reviewers,and then click “Submit”.

The counselor will quantitatively evaluate the students' moral character (30 points) and activity performance (20 points) and fill in the comments of the reviewers, and click submit. The total score is 100 points, with 60 points or more passing.

3University fills in the opinionsMay 11-May 19

After the student self-assessment and the tutor/counselor score are completed, fill in the assessment opinion of each student's eligibility, and after publicizing it on the school's relevant platform, upload the annual assessment report and wait for the approval of the China Scholarship Council.

. Review Notes

1. Those who fail to submit within the time limit will be considered as giving up the scholarship automatically.

2. The final results of Chinese Government Scholarship annual review shall be subject tothe results announced by China Scholarship Council.

Attached: CSC学生年度评审操作流程Annual Review Process.pdf