Notice on Thesis Proposal of the 2020 Class Graduate Students

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I. Participants:

Second year of Doctoral students and master students (2020 class) and those who have postponed the thesis proposal in the last year.

II. Time and place

1.      Time: Before December 31, 2021. Each training college has its own schedule.Please pay attention to the notice of each training college.

2.      Those who need to postpone their thesis proposal due to special reasons should submit an application and get the approval of the supervisor and the training college. But the postponement shall not exceed 1 month. Those who are unable to complete the thesis proposal within 1 month should submit an application. With the approval of the supervisor and the training college, the student can join the next-grade students' thesis proposal, meanwhile, his/her graduation defense time will be postponed for one year accordingly.

3.      The place of thesis proposal defense meeting will be notified separately by the training colleges. Students must attend in person and must not be absent. Students who are unable to return to school due to the pandemic can apply to their training college for online defense.Students who are currently on suspension generally do not need to participate.

III. The content of the thesis proposal report

The purpose and basis of the topic selection, the basic content, ideas and preliminary opinions of the topic selection, the research methods and means to be adopted, the expected level and the required scientific research conditions, the difficulties and problems that may be encountered, and the ways and methods to solve them And measures, the workload of the dissertation, the work schedule and budget estimates, etc. (For details, please refer to the thesis proposal form).

Download the thesis proposal form:

福建农林大学攻读博_硕士学位研究生学位论文开题报告(Thesis Proposal for PhDMaster)updated Nov.2021.doc

IV. The procedure of the thesis proposal

Students need to log in the Graduate Student System, click  thesis proposal (in the Thesis Information module), click Modify to fill in therevalent information.Students should follow the specific requirements of each training college. After you pass the thesis proposal defending, please remember to upload the review signature (seal) page onto Graduate Student System. If you encounter difficulties during the operation, you can consult the teacher in charge of the educational affairs of foreign students in the training college in time.

Guideline of How to apply thesis proposal in the system.


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