Notice on the photo collection for graduate students of 2022

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International students who plan to graduate in 2022:

I .Collection time and location

Time: October 30, 2021 (Saturday), the specific shooting time will be announced separately.

Location: Multifunctional Hall of Student Activity Center (including the International students from Materials Science College, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College).

II. Shooting requirements

1. During image collection, please wear a mask, show your health code and 14-day itinerary code. Please cooperate with the staff to take body temperature, line up at intervals, and avoid close contact or conversation with others.

2. The background of the image information collection is uniformly light blue, and the dress of graduate students should avoid similar colors. Wear clothes with collars for shooting. It is recommended to wear shirts, T-shirts or suits with standard collars. Do not wear blue clothes. Make sure to dress neatly. Students who wear glasses are not allowed to wear colored (including contact lenses) glasses, the frame must not cover the eyes, and the glasses must not be reflective (reflective lenses must not be worn, otherwise it will affect the shooting effect. If you must wear glasses when taking pictures, you must be sure before Choose non-reflective glasses or bring your own glasses frame without lenses.)

3. Before shooting, wash away sweat and oil stains on your face. Do not apply heavy makeup. Do not use moisturizer, sunscreen, etc. on your face. The face is clean and not shiny, because the shiny will reflect light when taking pictures. Hair must not cover eyebrows, eyes and ears. Girls with long hair must tie their hair up or put their hair behind their shoulders when shooting, their hair should not be combed, and their ears should be exposed. Hair should not cover the corners of the eyes, and the lips should be closed naturally. Do not wear any accessories that affect the shooting effect (including all non-black wire hairpins), do not use wigs, hats and other head coverings, and do not wear earrings, necklaces and other accessories.

4. Graduate students must hold their student cards and personal passports when taking photos. Shooting without student card is not allowed. To ensure an orderly filming, students are requested to arrive 15 minutes in advance and line up in the specified order. Don't be late, so as not to delay other students' shooting. Graduate students will be given a shooting number after swiping the student card. Please report your shooting number to the cameraman , and leave the scene as soon as possible after the shooting.

III. Other matters

1. According to Xinhua News Agency’s charging standards, the image information collection fee is 20 yuan/person.

2. Please be sure to participate on time, the school will not organize re-shooting.Graduate students who are unable to participate in this image collection need to go to the Fujian branch of Xinhua News Agency to make up the photo. The time for making up the photo is: working hours from March 1st to March 31st (8:30-11:30 in the morning, 2:30 in the afternoon- 5:00) Location: No. 2, Jianxin Middle Road, Jinshan Street, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City.

Please make a retake 2 months before applying for degrees. Fill in the school code as 10389 when retake the photo. The recipient of the paper photo is the student. After the student receives the paper photo and the electronic photo, please forward it to the International College as soon as possible.

3.The photo collection method of international students currently abroad will be notified separately.

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