International College Organizes "Reading Chinese Stories" for International Students

Publisher:超级管理员pubdate:2021-04-19Browse Times:91

On April 17th, International College organizes international students to recite Reading China with the aim to educate knowledge and friendship of China and enhance the understanding of China to international students. Students from 9 countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan and Benin participated in the activity and did the recitation.

Lin Weiwang from Malaysia states “The poem Reading China links China's historical development with human geography. It is catchy to read and unforgettable. It also shows the charm of Chinese language and culture.”

WAI, MYAT HNIN from Myanmar said “Poetry is a literature with a certain rhythm and cadence. Through poetry reading, not only can I improve my Chinese and remember the content more easily, It also deepen my understanding of China.”

BRYAN from Zimbabwe expressed “China is an ancient civilization. I had wished to study in China since I was young. After learning in Sanming College and then in FAFU, my Chinese has improved a lot, I have met many Chinese friends, learned Chinese culture, and witnessed the development of the country. I will continue to work hard on learning Chinese, learn more about Chinese history, and strive to tell the Chinese story well.”

It is reported that International College has encouraged understanding and befriending Chinese activities, and has successively carried out Chinese film exhibitions, literati allusions introductions,festival etiquette experiences and other activities, aiming to spread Chinese culture and promoting the friendship between Chinese and foreign people.