International college teachers and students representatives Paid Homage to Mr. Yan Jiaxian

Publisher:超级管理员pubdate:2021-04-08Browse Times:86

      On the morning of April 4th, the representatives of teachers and students of the International College held the ceremony of presenting flowers in front of the bronze statue of Mr. Yan Jiaxian. They also appreciated with reverence his contributions to establishing Fujian Provincial Forestry College and to promoting Higher Education Institutes in Fujian Province.

At the ceremony, representatives of Chinese and foreign teachers and students bowed deeply three times (In China, to bow to someone three times shows the highest respect to the deceased.) and presented flowers to the bronze statue of Mr. Yan Jiaxian. During the ceremony, the Ode to Yan Jiaxian was recited in respect. Then, the origin of the Tomb-Sweeping Day, traditional customs and the events of Mr. Yan Jiaxian’s life were also introduced in both Chinese and English.

Liu Maizhou, who majored in ecology of 2018, expressed his will to take Mr. Yan Jiaxian as an example of dedication and selflessness. He said, we would take him as a beacon of light, work hard and uphold the school motto so as to achieve the goal of Double First Class University and to make contributions to the development of the new era.

Waheed from Pakistan said, “China is a country with a glorious civilization and a long history. Its culture is long-standing and lasts forever. This activity has not only deepened my understanding of the traditional festival but also gives me an opportunity to pay homage to the Mr. Yan Jiaxian.”

Besides, the College has also launched Honoring Martyrs Online of 2021 and achieved a great success.