Around the Campus

FAFUJinshan Campusis located at the northern of Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It is only 6 kilometers away from the city center of Fuzhou. The transportation here is convenient. There are many bus routes to the city center or railway station at the east gate of school, and the subway is under construction. Fuzhou City has China's national 5A-level tourist attractions, Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, which is known as the source of the city's history. Fuzhou Beach Park, Jinniu Mountain Sports Park, Meifeng Mountain Park (Fudao), XichanTemple and other famous attractions are surrounding our school. Many large-scale shopping malls, such as the Aegean Shopping Park, Wanda Plaza, Dongbai Center, etc., are all within 6 kilometers of the school, all of which can be reached directly by bus routes.


Campus Facilities

FAFU has complete student services and supporting facilities. In order to enrich students' spare time, the school has set up various student clubs to welcome international students to participate. Other services include the International Student Union. The school has coffee shops, bakery shops, and 13 distinctive student cafeterias. In the cafeteria you can find restaurants with different flavors from all over China, as well as western fast food. Bailu Gymnasium is a large-scale comprehensive indoor gymnasium with basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court and swimming pool. The school has two large track and field fields, with football fields on the north and south sides of the school for students to use, providing a good environment for students to keep fit. In other respects, bank branches, post offices, supermarkets, beauty salons, electronic product repair shops, campus souvenir shops, etc. are all available.

Student Cafeterias


Campus Card

The FAFU campus card which is printed with student photo and student identity, has the following important functions, such as dining in the student cafeteria, riding on-campus battery cars, paying for dormitory electricity, entering the school library, borrowing books, entering and leaving student dormitories, etc. You can recharge the campus card through cash or Alipay mobile phone software. The cash recharge location is the Campus Card Service Center, which can only receive 100 yuan in cash, and the service time is every Monday. If you forget the campus card password, you need to bring relevant valid certificates to the campus card service center to change the password. If the campus card is lost or damaged, first go to the International College to open a certification letter, then go to the Campus Card Service Center to reissue and pay 20 yuan card fee.