International College (referred as IC below) was established in April 2001. IC is responsible for the recruitment of international students who would like to study in FAFU for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. We are also responsible for the enrollment and management of four FAFU-Canadian undergraduate education programs in coalition. 

IC adheres to Quality Educationas the guiding principle and has introduced high-quality educational resources from abroad to train our students to meet international standard. In the past 15 years, a total of 1,847 students have enrolled in FAFU-Canadian Programs; among them, more than a third of the students went to Canada to finish their studies. We are also qualified to accept international students due to our extensive teaching quality. Since 2011, FAFU was listed as one of the higher institutions qualified for Chinese Government Scholarships established by Chinese Ministry of Education to sponsor international students with full or partial scholarships. 

The successful development of IC strongly supports FAFUs international education strategy, stimulated FAFUs education reform by serving as a platform for international exchange and globalization. ICs success has been recognized widely by local education authorities and the social community.