Short-term Program for Foreign Students

I. Purpose of study tour

In order to expand and deepen the cooperation between our university and foreign universities, strengthen the cultural exchanges between China and other countries and encourage the student exchanges between universities, FAFU welcomes students from foreign universities to organize short-term study programs to our university. We have written up the plan according to the actual situation of both schools.


2. Study tour time

2-4 weeks during May - June or December each year.

3. Study Tours

Foreign universities have about 10-20 students per term (including foreign team leaders).

4. Study tour content

1. Course contents

(1) Chinese Culture courses, contents:

A) Brief introduction of Chinese history to understand the historical development 

process of the Chinese nation

B) Chinese culture lecture series (including calligraphy, tea culture, fungus, 

apiculture, paper cutting, etc.)

C) Introduction to Chinese courses

(2) Courses arranged by foreign schools may be accepted

2. Cultural and academic exchanges with students of FAFU

3. Investigate Chinese culture and natural landscape

(1) City tour (weekend). Mainly including: Fuzhou cultural heritage, natural scenery, 

cultural landscape;

(2) Investigation within and outside the province (on weekends, choose 2 locations 

according to the actual situation). Main routes: Within the province -- Wuyi Mountain, Xiamen, 

etc.; Outside the province -- Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, etc

5. Accommodation: Double/ Twin room


6. Cost

About 2000-2500 US dollars per person (including accommodation, catering, transportation and other expenses within China)

Free accommodation expenses for the leading teachers;  The actual cost is settled according to the final quotation.


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