Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU)is located in Fuzhou, also known as Rongcheng(Banyan City), is the capital of Fujian province, located in the lower reaches of Minjiang River and coastal areas in the east of Fujian province. It is the political, cultural and transportation center of Fujian province and the central city of the economic zone on the west coast of the straits. Fuzhou city is China's national famous historical and cultural city. Fuzhou, as the political center of Fujian in the long history, is China's important trade port along the southeast coast and one of the starting points of maritime Silk Road city. The university enjoys very convenient transportation. It is only about 30 minutes from downtown by bus and 60 minutes from the Changle International Airport by car.

About FAFU

FAFU is one of the three key high-level provincial universities supported by Fujian Provincial Government, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Forestry and Grassland Administration, and the only high education institution in Fujian Province specializing in agriculture and forestry. Located in Fuzhou, a coastal port city in the southeast ofChina, FAFU has four beautiful campuses: Jinshan, Qishan, Nanping and Anxi, covers an area of 320 hectares. FAFU was established on the basis of the Agriculture Department of Concord College in 1936 and the Provincial Agricultural Institute in 1940. In 2000, it has stepped into its present stage under the witness of President Xi Jinping.

Currently FAFU has 19 colleges and 1 independent college with full-time undergraduate and postgraduate education. It offers 65 undergraduate programs, 12 doctoral and 27 master’s programs of first-grade disciplines, and 11 post-doctoral research stations. 22, 000 full-time students are currently studying in FAFU, of which about 6000 are graduate students. The total number of faculty staff is more than 3000, among them 1700 are teachers, and over 100 staffs and researchers have been awarded various national level titles. Botany and Zoology, Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Ecology, Engineering, Biology and Biochemistry, Microbiology entered the top 1% of ESI Global Rankings.In the fourth round of national discipline assessment, the discipline of Plant Protection, Forestry, Ecology and Landscape Architecture is among the top 10% - 20% national wide. Since 2010, the university has hosted over more than 5000 scientific research projects, with scientific research funds of over 1.5 billion RMB, and won more than 100 national and provincial scientific and technological achievement awards. FAFU decoded several genomes for the first time in the world, including diamondback moth, vanilla, pineapple, longan, sugarcane, tetraploid cultivated peanut and water lily. Besides, FAFU is the first to figured out the molecular mechanism of the primary photoreaction of plant blue photoreceptor.

FAFU offers more than 40 majors for international students, such as Plant Pathology, Biology, Crop Genetics and Breeding and Forestry Engineering, covering the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Most of postgraduate courses were taught in English.  FAFU has also established a high-quality management and service team, providing safe and comfortable campus environment and accommodation conditions for international students. It also actively carry out various cultural experience activities to help students merge into the live the Fuzhou better. FAFU currently has over 200 international students from 45-50 countries.  Among them, the proportion of master and doctoral students accounts for more than 94%. In the past three years, international students have published more than 140 high-level papers including SCI-collected papers. Two students were awarded the Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding International Students. After graduation, most of the graduates entered government departments, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and enterprises in their homeland as scientific research and management talents.