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Introduction of the College

The College is giving a full-throttle support for the university’s plan to increase its academic and educational presence on the world stage. The college also has been making steady headway in becoming a leading teaching and research institute among the country’s agriculture and forestry universities.

Disciplinary highlights

Fuzhou Branch of the National Center for Public Management Cases (Only 2 centers in the country at present)

 The discipline Public Management is now enjoying a prestigious academic status in Fujian.

6 provincial high-quality online Open Courses

The college has 1 tier-two doctoral degree, 1 first-level discipline master program, 2 professional master programs, and several undergraduate programsincluding Public Affair Management, Public Administration, Labor and Social Security, Land Resources Management, Law and Public Affair Management (Fujian-Taiwan Cooperation Project). Academically excellent undergraduates are eligible for recommendation to graduate schools without enrollment examinations.

The college has 4 provincial humanities and social science research centers, 2 provincial think tanks, 2 research institutes, 43 long-term rural observation stations, 1 provincial innovation center for graduate students, as well as over 30 scientific and teaching training centers.


Currently there are 76 full-time teachers, including 7 professors, 23 associate professors, and 5 doctoral supervisors. Among them, 43 teachers have attained doctoral degrees. There are also five faculty members from outside China and more than 60 guest professors from public administration departments across the country.

 Over the years the faculty has earned various honors and titles for their outstanding educational and academic accomplishments. Some of these honors include a special sponsorship from the State Department, the title of “Excellent Educator in Fujian”, as well as a series of other governmental compliments. In addition, a number of teachers have been admitted into the province’s programs to support outstanding researchers.

Scientific achievements

In the past five years, the college has hosted 4 national and15 provincial research projects of educational and teaching reform, 23 national scientific research projects, 5 international cooperation projects and over 150 provincial or ministerial scientific research projects.

 The college has received several high -level awards in humanities and social science research, including a Third Prize awarded by the Ministry of Education, two First Prizes, three Second Prizes, and nine Third Prizes awarded by the Fujian Provincial Government.

One research finding was honored as excellent report by Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China.

A large number of research findings have received positive feedback or adoption from governmental policy and decision-making bodies at various levels. Among them, 1 was adopted by an array of ministerial organizations, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Office of Central Rural Works National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance. Some 65 other findings have been adopted by various provincial government departments. In addition, the college has provided consultation services to 43 villages and counties across the province.

Education achievements

 At present, the college has 1090 undergraduate students and 522 graduate students.

The college attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive abilities, encouraging and supporting students to participate in various kinds of extracurricular activities and competitions. Students have won the First Prize in the National English Competition for College Students, the Second Prize in the “Challenge Cup” National College students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest, the Bronze Award in the “Challenge Cup” National Business Plans Competition for College Students, and the Third Prize the National HR Professional KAS Contest of Chinese University Students and so on. In addition, the college has successfully set up 99 Innovative Entrepreneurship Training Programs for College Students, including 16 national projects, 21 provincial ones and 62 school-level ones.

The College has engaged in academic exchanges with a number of universities outside China, including Texas A & M University, Auburn University, as well as a number of universities in Taiwan, such as Taiwan University, Chinese Culture University, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan Ocean University, National Donghua University, and Asia University.

    ★ The college has partnered with over 30 organizations across the province to provide internship for students, which play a significant role in preparing students for their future careers and going on field trips during their summer vacations.

    ★ The college strives to provide graduates with high-quality choices in careers and further education. In recent years, many graduates work as civil servants or further their education in other prestigious universities such as Tsinghua University, Renmin University, Fudan University, and Xiamen University.

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